MNR Creations ~

MNR Creations is a collaboration of all my blood, sweat and yes, even tears. This site shows my true addiction! It’s not booze, drugs, nor food.. but building MANY websites that provide moms an outlet, a security blanket or offer support… Just ask anyone I know… LOL! This site shows all of my hard work, my successes and even my failures. What is that old saying? You must have failure before success.. In my case it’s totally true! LOL! But I am truly enjoying every minute of it!I’m married to the most amazing and caring man, my best friend, Henry Raposo. I can see in the future that we will be that old couple walking down the street holding hands. meandmygirlsWe have two wonderful girls that make our lives special and very interesting every day. I love all three of you very much.

Britt Raposo
Work at Home Mom
Calgary, AB Canada

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